Friday, April 16, 2010

Happy Friday and Our Newest Additions~

I pray everyone is having a wonderful Friday!
I know we will be!
Tonight, Noah and I will be at his First Holy Communion rehersal.....
so for a quick fun dinner we will be having homemade pizzas!

Yesterday we got the call......our Indian Runner Ducklings had arrived at the feed store! The kids and I were so stoked! We ordered a male and female, but the gal reported her invoice indicated they were both girls. So I had her order us one more duckling...hopefully a boy next time!

Yesterday Hubby came home with a bottle of local wine and a dozen peach colored roses!
I barely had time to stuff the flowers in a vase of water before racing out the door to help out at the county food bank located at our church! I go most Thursdays for 2hrs. bringing one of my kiddos (they take turns) and I bring the 2 neighbor kids each time. Thursday nights we just stock sheves and divide things into small bags! Its very relaxing!
Needless to say the bottle of wine would have to wait for another day. And not tonight because, I have to be at a homeschool planing meeting at 7 am Saturday morning.....45 mintutes from home! That means a wake up time of about leave home around 6:15am! EEEKKKK
Have I told you I'm not an early bird?
So maybe Saturday night AFTER Noah makes his communion at the 5pm Mass we will have some wine?
We can celebrate Alvin and the Chipmunks the Squeakquel's return to the movie store!
Yep, you heard me right!
Happy return...good ridden...LOL
We have gone to bed listening to those squeaky mice sing all this week!
Our kiddos (ok just the 7 and 4 yr old) loved the much so they want us to buy it!
We share a family bed and usually watch a kids movie as we all fall asleep....this had been their choice all week!
It will be a happy Friday with out the mice!...... chipmunks...what ever!

Its going to be a really good Friday and a very blest weekend for our family!

Peace and Love,

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