Friday, April 30, 2010

I Love You Son.....

These are photo's of my oldest son.....he pitches for his baseball team.
He is a great player and is on two different teams.
This year I made the time to go watch most of his games and bring him specical snacks!

My oldest son Jarett has grown up faster than I expected....he will be driving soon and before I know he will be off to college! :(   
I can close my eyes and see a 5yr old boy standing before he's almost 16!
Some of my friends tell me things like you have 5 other kids that are still little....its no BIG deal!
To them I kids are not a # they are my babies~
Each one special to me in their own way!
Its hard for me to let them go~

I'm not sure if any one came by earlier in the week to see this video (I posted it a few days ago)....I thought it was ssooo worth viewing I'm running it again!

As I sit here all teary eyed.....I think letting go is the hardest part of parenting!
I was a different kind of mom to the first few of my brood.....
I was still finding my way in the early days of motherhood.
In the early years of parenting,I tried to change my children....instead of finding the good in them and loving that! I'm glad I figured things out before it was to late.
I do rejoice in the fact my oldest son and I are closer than we have ever been.
But I am saddened that the clock does not rewind.....
I have grown from my past. For the last 8 years I have truly mothered my children with more love and a gentle kindness than ever before.  It has been with God's Divine help and grace that it was possible. And though I'm not perfect.....I truly am the mom I have always wanted to be!

I hope you will take the time to watch the will not regret it!
*****Remember to silence my play list!

Have a great weekend!

Peace and Love,

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  1. This was perfect to watch on a day that I needed a good cry. My favorite part, the one about not changing our kids but changing ourselves. I snuggle the baby longer as I see the speed of lifes changes. Thanks for sharing!


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