Wednesday, April 21, 2010

From My Kitchen Window.....

From my kitchen window....
I see love~
I see sisters bonding.....I see sweet childhood memories being made right before my eyes!
Children are such incredible blessings......many people out there don't take the time to notice!

If you are a mom I'm sure you've been in the other room and heard your kiddos playing and talking to one another. Older children speaking to the youngers of the brood as if they were the MOM....sounding a bit like you!???

The other afternoon I looked out my kitchen window and saw my 2 daughters playing out back. Jackie was trying to give Olivia a ride on the back of her trike.
It was funny to watch!
I grabed my camera and headed out for a few pictures!

By the time I had gotten outside Jackie (the mom) had gotten off the trike and was holding a baseball bat pointed at her "car".  She instructed Olivia to stand there quietly until she was through gassing up!
As I am standing there Jackie yells over to me in her grown up sounding voice 
"I'm gassing up the car real quick
then we're off!"

The whole thing made me laugh and smile.....I was warmed from the inside out!

I remembered as a young child "gassing" up my plastic car.
I use a stick :) The stick would rest on the back of my friends grandpa's truck.
Playing behind a truck in a driveway isn't the safest place to play or ride a bike. Especially when the guy who's truck it is can't see very well! I don't recommend that kids play around real cars in the driveway these days.... but  I did survive my childhood in 60's, 70's and 80's!
Oh the unsafe things we did back then!:}
No seatbelts or carseats......the list is long and goes on and on!
Its no wonder any of us survived!

We did used our imaginations back then.
Today in our home, I create an inviorment for my kids to do the same.

Back to the story......

I then hear Jackie tell Olivia, "ok now sweetie, I need you to get in your car seat. We need to load up so we can go to the store before your dad gets home.

 Olivia figured out how to balance on the back of the trike and off they went!
Jackie announced their arrival to the store when the pavement ended.
She then went over the 3 main RULES of the store.

  1. Don't ask for anything.

  2. Hold someones hand when going through the parking running ahead.

  3. When in the store you must have one hand on the cart at all times.
After a quick rattling off of the rules both girls head for the swing set!

Do you have any cute or funny stories to share?

Well, MY sister just called and wants to come over for a visit in about 1 I'm off to tidy up and make some chicken salad......
When she gets here I will put on a kettle for some tea and we will remanise about OUR childhood memories!

Blessings for a beautiful and creative day!

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  1. Aww that is adorable and heartwarming! What sweet sisters! :) I like to post my tots' cute/sweet/funny moments on my blog on Tuesdays for Toddler Tales Tuesday. You're welcome to join in! :)


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