Friday, April 23, 2010

~Dresses and Hats~

Well the week has been busy here and today is going to be the busiest of them all. My oldest son has a ortho appointment so I might stop at COSTCO.
My daughter Jackie has her mini-dance recital in the late afternoon. We will not be signing her back up to dance till next fall or maybe even next spring:( 
We have just entered BASEBALL season at our home!
3 of my 4 boys are playing ball......two of them are on 2 teams! EEEKKKK
The practice schedule is something else! Baseball here lasts most of the spring and 3/4 of the summer!
(In the fall football starts!!)
 Right after the dance recital my CUB SCOUT Noah has a field trip to the
RECYCLing plant. Jackie wants to go too.

This weekend I plan to make my 2 girls 2 dresses each with matching hats. That makes 4 dresses total.....the girls will have two matching outfits with hats. If I do well with this pattern I will make even more. I don't sew sleeves very well so I will not attempt to make the lace collar shirts. I will just use a store bought turtle neck in fall and no shirt under in the summer.

Have a great Friday!


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  1. Can't wait to see those dresses! The fabrics are very nice:-) Busy,busy... this mom job doesn't leave much room for sewing. I always see it as a mini vacation when I get to sew!


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