Thursday, April 29, 2010

Oh The Sweet Smell Of......

Yesterday, I was enjoying my morning tea and was puzzled to hear a knock at the front door.
 I could hardly contain myself when I peered out the window to see a BIG BROWN TRUCK...
it said UPS on the side! When I looked down on the porch I saw a small brown box!
 My Scentsy stuff was here.....faster than I thought!

If you have not heard of Scentsy....its a wickless candle company.
You buy a warmer (I use mine as a night lite). The warmer heats up scented wax and makes your room/house smell wonderful.

They are safer than candles... no flame....just a light bulb!

I now have 2 large down stairs in the living room, and my new one (BORNEO) will go up in my room. There are a pile of people that sleep in our room there was a need for some added freshness! :)
 I also have a small plug in style warmer for use in the bathroom or kicthen
(I move it around were I need it).

With scents like INNER PEACE, FRENCH LAVENDER and SWEET PEA VANILLA there is something for everyone.....they even have BUBBLE GUM scent!
There are about 80 different scents!

Blessings for an awesome day!



  1. I really like the warmer, so much more attractive than one of those plastic plug in air fresheners!
    Your home is going to smell wonderful Georgiann - you may never want to leave!

  2. I love wax tarts! :) I have to smell before I buy though- some scents make me really sick with migraines. I wind up getting the knock-off ones from WalMart because it's convenient to smell them when I'm there in case I find one I like, and a few of them actually smell really good! I'd like to get one of the scentsy warmers though. I currently warm my tarts in babyfood jars on my candle warmer pad. :) It's effective but not very kid friendly. ;) I could just see someone yanking the cord and wax going everywhere. Eek!


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