Monday, January 18, 2010

A Cup Of Change~

The new year has brought about a few morning routine is one of them!
Instead of my one mug of very strong coffee (that equals the amount of 2 cups of coffee....but is the strength of 4.) I have switched to Chai tea and Soy Silk.
I'm trying to cut down on my caffeine and sugar intake. Yes, I know that the Chai tea has caffeine. Its not that I think caffeine bad for you but its that I have to put lots of high calorie,sugar loaded French vanilla creamer to tame the strong coffee flavor. So one might suggest as my hubby did.....don't make the coffee as strong thus the need to use so much creamer....but that has not worked for me. The morning experience was not the same. So now.....

I have switched to a chai tea and vanilla soy Silk...... and then switched to plain Soy has even less sugar than the flavored Silk . I will soon use Chai tea bags I bought yesterday instead of the liquid tea in the box. The liquid tea that comes in a box has sugar cane juice and I am trying to reprogram my taste desire less sugar. The liquid tea calls for 1/2 tea 1/2 milk or soy milk. I have been only using 1/4 cup tea and 1 full cup of soy organic soy Silk in an effort to wean off the caffine. The spice of the chai tea can still be tasted....I don't feel cheated. I now still look forward to my morning drink & feel good about drinking it! I will eventually switch to a oragnic decaf. chai tea bag.

I almost forgot to share with you what prompted the change! God had put it on my heart to make the change. Less caffine and sugar.... and I ignored HIM (not a good idea).....then just before Christmas I was wiping the counters and appliances down and accidentally knocked the glass coffee pot off the counter! It broke all over the floor!!!! I then made my coffee by way of heating water in the kettle and poreing it over my filter basket that had to be hand held and the lever held down to drain the water through! It was fun to do things by hand.....but knew that I needed to obey what God wanted for my life! What HE wanted ME to do.
I think GOD was trying to get my attention and HE did!

Well I'm off to make my morning cup of tea! .....And eat a small healthy breakfast!
(NO more skipping breakfast!)


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  1. I've had that same kind of chai! But something about chai doesn't bode well w/ my tummy. I'm drinking Newman's Own Organic Decaf these days...(along w/ the last of the peppermint mocha creamer...yeah, I know!)


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