Friday, January 8, 2010

Never A Dull Moment~

From the computer down stairs I can hear Noah laughing upstairs and yelling "Mom come got to see this! Olivia looks like a WO-MAN!"

Olivia had a fun time getting into my lip stick yesterday morning while she was in my master bathroom. She was in there to go potty...and she did!even #2!!!
Jackie wanted to get in on the while I was snapping pictures of Olivia she was in putting on a bit of lipstick!
This whole thing reminded me of when I first started blogging....I was downstairs trying to get my first blog page made.....Olivia was nursing on my lap (as she still does most of the time) but Little Miss Jackie was up in my bathroom and destroyed most of my make-up!
Eyeliners and lip-liners looked like awesome art mediums in the eyes of a very artistic 3yr old!
She took delight in crushing ALL my eyeshadow powders! Eyeshadow + Water = Paint
She really LOVED the assortment of brushes at her disposal! Jackie is a wonderful artist!
She destroyed about 5 tubes of lipstick and all of my liquid foundation! The bathroom was a total my eyes. In the eyes of a child it was a true master piece!
I now use less make-up. Not that I wore a ton before this happened but I knew it was God telling me to use more natural products on my skin. Jackie was not yelled at or scolded for her art work....I told her to ask me next time if she wanted to use my things....that is the RESECTFUL thing to do.
I pray you all have a wonderful day....I'm off to the BIG city to attend a La Leche League meeting. The first three kiddos got off to school and Hubby got off to work.......
My house is quiet and my morning coffee is yummy......but now I must go wake my 3 sleeping kiddos and get them ready to go! I packed a healthy lunch for us all last night so we will not have to eat out.
Peace and Love,

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