Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Its Happened Again~

My community is is need of real prayer! My Heart is heavy!

  • In September we had a police officer shot and killed while at a routine traffic stop...by someone in the bushes.

  • In November 4 police officers were shot and killed while having coffee together before their shift.

  • In mid December 2 Sheriff Deputies were shot and badly injured (one ended up being pulled of life support and has died) while answering a domestic violence call.

  • Over the Christmas holiday a teenager riding a skateboard was hit by a car and killed near my house.

My 15yr old was best friends with the daughter of one of the slain officers.....and now this last tragedy has left a boy in my sons fifth grade class without a Dad! (and another high school girl)

My kids that go to school have many friends with police officers or Sheriff Deputies as parents! Its really hard to make sense of it all.

The pass two years has been filled so many deaths and tragedies locally. Some have been the death of children my kids know from school. My kids and I have many talks about life....and death and the importance of being ready to meet God at anytime.

I want my blog to be a HAPPY CHEERFUL place but also one that is true to life.

My community is truly grief stricken and we all want to know when the senseless slaughter will end!

Please keep us in your prayers. Keep these fatherless children and widows in your prayers.

Also for the 15yr old daughter of the gun man......she went to my sons High School. (she transferred out). Her dad had also been violent towards her.




  1. Good luck! LLL needs more leaders and I'm sure you will be successful. May God bless your journey.

  2. So very sad. I will think of all these families in my prayers this evening. Are any of these events related? Awful

  3. Oh, Georgiann! Sounds like your community is enduring "a time to mourn". I'll be praying.

  4. I am so sorry and sad..I will keep this in my prayers..you hang in there, sweet lady. You will be a comfort to your community. Suzanne


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