Thursday, January 7, 2010

God Gives Sunshine In The Morning~

This video clip is of Little Miss Jackie.....singing a song (The Ant the Bug and the Bee) this morning at the breakfast table.

The sun is shining warmly into the back kitchen window like.... "a gingerbread kid baking in the oven!" says Noah.

Jackie says, the warm sun feels good.....and gives her the shivers like a back scratch in just the right spot! (I give my kiddos back massages on a regular bases. A practice that has been in our home since they were infants.)

My kiddos are MY sunshine when the weather here in the Pacific Northwest is wet,dark and gray! Their smiles and funny songs make my mommy heart warm and melt like butter.

A side note: Olivia (2yrs) is most of the way potty trained! She now goes "poop" in the BIG toilet!.....and just now while she was in my master bathroom (where I keep what little make up I do wear) Olivia discovered my red lipstick! Not a good idea to leave them in the bathroom to long to do their stuff! LOL Stay tune for pictures tomorrow~ So utterly cute who could ever get mad!!!! Noah said...."Come look mom you got to see this! Olivia looks like a woman!!!"

Peace and Love~

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  1. Just popping into say hi. If only all parents regarded their children as sunshine, the world would be a much happier place. My latest little ray of sunshine is doing wonderfully, feeding going well, he is just so contented - maybe because I am too!


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