Monday, January 4, 2010

The Time Is Right~

Well I'm back to my on-line journal after taking a break! I pray everyone had a safe and healthy Christmas and Holiday!
I don't really believe in New Years Resolutions as I try to improve myself ALL year long with Gods help! Letting God direct my path!
It just so happens that over the past few months I have been feeling called to start my journey towards becoming a La Leche League Leader.

I was an official member about 12 yrs ago when was nursing my second child. I went to meetings on and off and was thankful La Leche League was there. Even after the birth of my 6th child and as a well seasoned breastfeeding mom I need the love and support of a few meetings. I still continue to nurse my 2.3yr old daughter and will let her decide when she is done.

I have breastfed for almost 16yrs with small breaks in between usually last 5mo of each pregnancy.....except one in which I nursed for the entire pregnancy of my 3rd child and then tandem nursed my 2nd and 3rd born! It was planed but I don't want to do that again unless I have twins or something!

The LLLI chapter(20 min away) I once attended is now closed due to lack of leaders. So I will travel to the BIG city (45min away) as we call it to attend meetings and do the required things to become a leader.

Please keep me in your prayers as I embark on this wonderful and exciting journey!

Here is a bit of history about how La Leche League got its start and its name!Remember to silence my play list before starting the video!



  1. Congrats!

    I'm a retired La Leche League Leader. I was first accredited way back in 1992 when my boy was a toddler.

    Then I re-accredited in 2005 when the big girl was a baby.

    I decided to retire about a year later to make space for younger moms. :)

    I hope you find your journey toward leadership and your service as rewarding as I did!

  2. GrammyK has left a new comment on your post "The Time Is Right~":

    Glad you're back!!

    Blessings in your LLL venture. Though I have nursed, hmmm... let's see... round about 17 years total (yikes!!) I've never been to a LLL meeting. :-( Just never really had the opportunity!! I know that with your AP heart, you'll do great!!

    Have you started thinking about your garden yet?? :-) I've been getting catalogs!! It's what makes winter bearable.

  3. Best of luck on this new venture. I'm sure you will be an angel to someone. Encouraging support when you need it is Heaven sent. You have a lot of experience to share. God be with you on your drives!


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