Thursday, January 21, 2010

God Answers.....

a little girls prayers!

Back on December 6th of this last year my 4yr old daughter Jackie won a VERY large pink and white poinsettia from my Hubby's Annual Family Christmas breakfast/potluck held at his work place. Jackie was beaming from ear to ear when they called out her name to take home this humongous beautiful pink poinsettia.(her favorite color)
The plant was so huge it barely fit into the front seat of my mini van. (I no longer drive my Astro.....the door still does not stay on good after my teenager kicked more on it here.)

I knew the mammoth Christmas rose would not live long at my house. I also knew that I would not have room for it....with Christmas guests coming to stay for the holiday and a tree soon to be crammed in our house.....the walls would start to close in! Plus I knew that it would get broken...this was a huge plant! I bet it cost about $40.00!
So..... I made the executive decision to donate the ginormous plant to our Church on the way home from the party.....we....I mean hubby and I thought it was a great idea!
Jackie on the other hand was not all to happy about our decision. But she soon came around and excepted the decision that was made concerning HER beautiful potted plant! The plant stayed in the back of church until Christmas......then it was front and center on the alter with smaller white ones surrounding it! We told Jackie that Jesus was proud of her for doing as mommy and daddy asked. And she could see the plant every time we went to church! Plus she would be sharing the Christmas plant and its beauty with everyone.

This story does not end here.........

In the middle of January our church held a international potluck....everyone brings a food dish from your families heritage. I'm Scotch/ Irish/ English (mom's side) and a small bit French and German (dad's side). I brought a Shepperd's Pie! (England)

Anyways.....back to the story!

Each family got a ticket to win a poinsettia......Yes, they were drawing tickets and calling numbers. If your number was called you could take a poinsettia from the alter. Soon I heard our number called and Jackie ran up to claim back her large pink/white poinsettia. Jackie was once again beaming and her face was just a glow! (Jackie did not hear others church goers complain that it was not fair that SHE got the big one!)

I turned to a friend of mine sitting at a near by table and quietly told her that Jackie had donated the plant and now SHE has it back. Now that Christmas is over we have the room for it.

And I will not ever forget what my friend said to me.....God answered your daughters prayer!

Then she started to share with my daughter Jackie, that GOD does hear us and HE does answer!

I know that this experience has stuck with her because she still talks about it! Her willingness to obey mom and dad giving the plant to the Church for good use and it was given back to her.....not by chance but from GOD!

Peace, Love & Prayers,



  1. Aaaaawwwww... How perfectly sweet!! I love it when things work out that way!! :-)

  2. Fabulous story! Thanks so much for sharing.

    To show you how much you've added to my life through your blog writing I've given you a blog award:

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  4. What a nice story. Your daughter learned a valuable lesson. Thanks for sharing it.

  5. What a beautifully told story! God is so tender in his love and he weaves our stories better than we could ever think to do. Jackie's obedience and giving heart were a gift to the infant Jesus as your parish celebrated his birth. He wanted to give that and more back to her. {always more than we could ever give} Also what a beautiful photograph at the start of your story.

  6. What a sweet story and a beautiful poinsettia! :)

  7. Wonderful story! God doesn't have to do stuff like that...He chooses to bless us:-)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and giving your input. I made the changes and it does look much better. Thanks so much... I didn't that decorating gene!!!


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