Monday, January 11, 2010

Peaceful Mama~

We recently rearranged the living room....yet again after taking the Christmas tree down.
Grandpa fixed the arm on one of my favorite chairs while he was here for the holidays. A bit of wood glue and a piece of a pencil did the trick! The arm now does not fall of each time someone sits down!
I love to sit in the newly fixed chair(thanks Grandpa) arranged over by the window. I get the simplest pleasure out of looking up from my book to my sip tea and see the green rose fabric on my other favorite chair that sits across. Just looking at my 2 old chairs draped with homemade quilts and my small round wooden coffee table nestled in between piled high with books, makes me feel warm and cozy all over! Both chairs were bought at the Salvation Army for cheap~very cool old style upholstered rockers!
I truly find my nightly routine to be a source of JOY after a long day. I love the sound of my tea kettle as it whistles for me. My body relaxes to the sound of it.....ok once I turn it off! I then pick my tea flavor and a tea cup for the night. Depending on the time, I either sit in my favorite chair or go up to my room to read and sip tea as I nurse the baby to sleep!
Drinking warm herbal tea that tastes like the earth, while nursing my toddler and reading one of many books feels like heaven! Sometimes I'm sitting in one of my favorite chairs in the living room, other times I'm snuggled in bed! (I hate when.... I'm all snuggle in bed and the baby is nursing.......then remember the book I was hoping to get back to reading is down stairs!)
  • High on my list of books to read is the Womanly Art of Breastfeeding the 7th addition. (Required reading to become a La Leche League Leader.)When I have more time I will share with you something that happen at/after the La Leche League meeting last Friday!

  • I have also been swept up in the Duggars book 2o and counting. I have spoke to JimBob via the phone(Michelle was busy) a few years back and he was very encouraging and kind! The Duggars are regular people.....just like the rest of us! They are a gracious and grateful family! Very Humble!
I have recently made the tater-tot casserole recipe from the Duggar's web-site and ALL the kids ate it up! Which not only included my (6) kids but half the neighborhood kids as well! I resisted the temptation to add onions and other veggies! I think that is why everyone lapped it up!
Last week I also made their recipe of Homemade Laundry soap! (I will post some time soon)
Its getting to be bedtime around here and my books and warm tea are calling out my name.....ok really I just hear the kids jumping on my bed upstairs and someone is good night and God Bless! (I still find being a Mama of my many Blessings to be a Peaceful job and would not trade it for the world!...even during the times of chaos!!)
Blessings and Love~


  1. Lovely! I can see why that chair brings you such pleasure. Your living room sounds so peaceful and relaxing.


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  3. Georgiann,
    I was rooting through my closet this last weekend to find my doppler for my sweet daughter in law to listen in on their baby (he's getting bigger and not moving around so much now and she was concerned) and I found all of my old pregnancy and breastfeeding books. Sigh. I'm so longing to get pregnant again.

    Our youngest is still nursing--at a whopping 5 years of age. He'll be 6 in March!! Gasp!! I know. It's just a comfort/routine thing now. He assures me that there is milk in there though I know there isn't. He's afraid that I'll tell him he can't nurse if there's nothing there!! :-) We've been talking about how when he turns 6 we're probably going to have to wean. But not right away, of course!! He's been such a precious joy to me. When we lost our last baby (he was stillborn) our little guy took care of all of my discomfort due to the new milk coming in. That was in 2006 and he was 3. I was so thankful that he was still nursing!!

    Anyway, thanks for sharing!!

  4. Hi Georgiann,
    I have recently read the Duggars book - loved reading about how God provided for them! I also have Gillian McKeith's book. I read the Womanly Art of Breastfeeding when expecting my first child and I'm so glad I did, I can understand why it would be compulsory reading for LL!
    Peaceful mama tea - what a lovely name for a tea - it expresses what I desire to be and I'm sure the tea helps!

  5. Hi Ann~

    I pray all is well with you and your family!

    It funny I never really read any breastfeeding books but as I read the Womanly Art Of Breastfeeding I did most of the things they sugest when you have a problem!
    I was a natural.....but sometimes it was hard and tiresome when I was hosptalized and could not even hold my baby for 3days! Baby#5 was 1 and a half weeks old!And just hours after a homebirth I hemmoraged and when by ambulance to the hospital! My body was in shock! I had not milk or anything!
    I had lost alot of blood! I felt like I had been ran over by a truck. But knew if I wanted to breastfeed I had to pump frequently(to stimulate my breast to make milk!) to get back on track...but baby had to get formula for a few days! I lost enough blood to get a trasfution....but chose not to! So my body was soooo tired!



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