Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What Makes You Happy?

I would like to thank Kari at http://moosaidthemama.blogspot.com/for giving me an award!
Due to my lack of computer time these days I will not formally pass this blog award on. If you come by my blog and would like to take this award be do....here is what you would need/should do if you decide to take this award:
1. Thank the person giving the award...(me)
2. Write 10 things in life that make you HAPPY and post it on your blog~
3. Give the award to 10 people*
4. Post the award on your sidebar if you wish~
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Oh~ also if you decline a blog award it is proper to still thank the giver.
My Happy List~
  • Nursing my toddler~
  • The smell of fresh bread baking in the bread machine~
  • Snuggling in my comfy bed after a long day with my Hubby and all my kiddos to watch a movie~
  • Sipping tea with a friend~
  • Watching the kiddos play in the back yard on a HOT summer day as the smell of food on the BBQ waifs through the air~
  • Digging in our large garden on a warm day with my kiddos~
  • Going to Mass on Saturday~
  • Sipping tea in my favorite chair with a good book~
  • Looking at Old Victorian houses with my realtor friend~
  • Going to dinner at the Olive Garden with Hubby & the kiddos~
  • Watching the birds eat at the feeder in our back yard~
You can also read about my happy book I started a few years ago!
There are so many things in my life that bring sheer JOY to my heart and make me utterly Happy that I have a book to write them down!



  1. You get to look at old Victorian houses - wow! Looking through homes for real, would have to be one of my favourite things too - I love it when a friend or neighbour says would you like a tour?

  2. My happy list?

    Listening to my kids talk with one another.

    Listening to joyfilled, worshipful music.

    Friends who pray with me.

    Coffee. Good coffee, mediocre coffee when desperate.

    Hugs. Especially from Hubby.

    Hearing from a friend or a stranger I've made a difference in their lives.

    Our grace saturated, Gospel filled church.

    Ahhh. . . happiness. Joy.

  3. Thanks for coming by~
    You have a great HAPPY list~
    Thanks for you suport:)



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