Sunday, January 10, 2010

Chopstixs and Tea~

Last Friday Hubby and I decided to take just the girls to our favorite Chinese restaurant. The food there is always just OK but the atmosphere is awesome!
We had fun looking at the place mats and reading what animal we all were. It was surprising that there were no two of us in a family of 8 that shared the same animal! The place mat said my Hubby (Dragon) was a good match for me (Monkey)! .....but I already knew that!!

There are koi fish in a big tank in the lobby.....along with a wishing fountain. The girls could stand there for hours watching the fish if we would have let them.
The girls were the only ones to go with Hubby and I out to eat. Our other 4 children were gone two by two! The older 2 boys (the "J"boys) were/are gone to a church retreat this weekend and come home today! The boys in the middle(the 'N"boys) went to a kids night out at a local church for a few hours. ($10.00 per kiddo from 5:30-9:30) Many church youth groups and sports teams use this as fund raiser.

It was funny......the girls did not want to eat/or try any Chinese food until I asked the waitress bring some chopstixs! The girls were really loving sipping tea......and eating the food with sticks!!

Did you know Chinese food taste better when you eat it with sticks!????

I hope you enjoy watching my little darlings eat with their sticks!

Have a blessed Sunday~

Peace and Love,

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